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Diana Lammers reviewed Pioneer Travel — 5 star

Mike did a great job helping to plan my family's vacation to San Francisco! He picked a hotel with a perfect location and cheaper than any online price and gave great recommendations for places to see and things to do.



Kathy Johnson Baker reviewed Pioneer Travel — 5 star
May 27, 2017
We would like to give a big shout out to Pioneer Travel and Mike Edic. Mike's attention to our wants and needs were remarkable, EXCELLENT customer service. Mike planned the perfect Mexican vacation for us. He researched the hotels and the amities we wanted and hit a home run. Best vacation ever..... thanks again, Mike!
Betsy Kanthak reviewed Pioneer Travel — 5 starMay 25, 2017

May 25, 2017


Mike was wonderful to work with. He made our planning easy & which lead to a wonderful vacation. Always willing to answer a all questions with a speedy resonse. I would recommend Mike! Definitely plan on using Mike's expertise with our future vacations.


Kelly Egan Ott reviewed Pioneer Travel — 5 star
May 24, 2017

We had multiple people, with multiple changes and multiple questions. But we ended up with a wonderful trip to Mexico for 10 women. Not easy to deal with us but Mike was very calm and check up on us often to make sure things were going smoothly.

Thank you Mike!

Robert Salmon reviewed Pioneer Travel — 5 star
May 24, 2017

As someone that travels 3 weeks a month, I get awesome service from Pioneer Travel! Whatever I need, Mike is there and ready to assist. I need a lot of last minute changes and flights/hotels and Mike always get it done with a minimum of hassle. I am fortunate to have Pioneer travel handle every detail of my weekly trips and would encourage anyone that travels to call Mike! Travel


Kristen Nicole reviewed Pioneer Travel — 5 st
MayMay 24, 2017
Mike always goes the extra mile! Highly recommended! neer Travel
Debbie Malzewski reviewed Pioneer Travel — 5 star
May 24, 2017

Every travel arrangement I needed to make for our employees was handled with care and expertise by Mike Edic, owner of Pioneer Travel. He is a joy to work with, always making sure that the traveler's needs are met. Making changes to the travel plans when itineraries changed was no problem for him. He is always aware of where his clients are located, tracking weather patterns and keeping us informed of any issues. I would recommend Pioneer Travel for any trip planning you may have in the future, whether business or personal!


Pioneer Travel
Jose McFarland reviewed Pioneer Travel — 5 star\\May 24

Great travel agent!!  I've used Mike for personal travel (vacation for 13) and business travel (50 nights a year) with great results. I appreciate his responsiveness and attention to detail.  In business travel, itineraries can change very quickly and it's reassuring to be able to call Mike and know everything's going to be taken care of.

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Amanda Latherow reviewed Pioneer Travel — 5 star
May 24, 2017

Mike is a wonderful travel agent, super responsive, super easy to work with and always goes out of his way to make sure everything is taken care of. If changes arise in flights, hotels, or anything he is always on top of it! I have known mike for many many years prior to his business and he has always taken great pride in his work and the happiness of others. I cannot wait to use him again in the future!

Elaine Wilson reviewed Pioneer Travel — 5 star
May 24, 2017

Mike is wonderful!  I have had the pleasure of using Pioneer Travel for both personal and business travel.  He is very detailed and always makes sure everything is correct.  He will go above and beyond to try and get refunds even when the airlines or hotels have specific cancellation terms.  He was great to work with for my destination wedding and many of the individuals who joined us on that trip periodically ask for his information.  Mike is very accommodating, thorough and always finds the best bang for your buck.  I always recommend him to any of my friends looking for a travel agent.  You will not be disappointed with his reasonable rates and excellent service! Highly recommend him for any of your travel needs!oneer Travelneer Travel

Shelley Paquin Tilghman reviewed Pioneer Travel — 5 star
May 24, 2017

Mike is fantastic!  I have used him for both personal and business travel.  Every time he goes above and beyond to make sure every thing is perfect.  Just last week I had a missed connection and with him monitoring FB activity he was able to help me without me even asking at 9:30pm (well after his business hours).  He got me on a last minute flight home instead of me having to take a bus.  Saved me from getting home at 1am.  Just one of the many examples of how he goes above any beyond for his clients.  Highly recommend him!

Michael J. Curtis reviewed Pioneer Travel — 5 star
May 23, 2017

I've used Mike at Pioneer travel for many trips and have always had an amazing experience.  He is prompt & thorough and has been able to find amazing deals!  I will continue to book all of my travel with Mike at Pioneer Travel and recommend all my friends to use him! You definitely will not be disappointed!!!


Tim Wild reviewed Pioneer Travel — 5 star

Mike is a great person. He works very hard to find best deal possible. I will never use anyone else.

Austin Gundlach reviewed Pioneer Travel — 5 star

Mike at Pioneer Travel was very pleasant to work with. He was very responsive to both phone and email communication. He was very thorough with every little detail of our honeymoon trip and was a font of information for us. I would highly recommend Mike and Pioneer Travel for any future trips and to all family and friends who are looking for help while traveling.

Pioneer Travel

Denise VanderBush reviewed Pioneer Travel — 5 star

I had thought my days of traveling were over as my disability progressed to a point that I had to have assistance to do most things. When a family get together came up I really wanted to be there so I contacted Mike and asked him if he could get me there and home. I was so worried about how I was going to navigate the airports and having to wait for flights. Mike set everything up perfectly, I couldn't have asked for a better travel schedule. He also alerted the airlines that I would need a wheelchair to help me get to the next gate. Getting on the airplane I had assistance, getting off the airplane I had assistance, there was someone waiting for me with a wheelchair right after I got off the plane and they quickly and safely got me to my next plane. On the way to Atlanta I did not have to wait to get on the next plane, they were getting ready to board when I arrived at the next plane and they put me right on the plane. Returning to North Dakota it was the same, no waiting, just a quick wheel chair ride to the next plane and I was settled in as soon as we arrived. I thank Mike for working with the airline to make sure that I could travel safely. I thought my days of traveling were over until Mike took the time and put in the extra effort to show me that if I work with the right travel agent that even though I am disabled it is possible to travel. I had the best experience possible and I have Mike to thank for that. And when we have our next family get together Mike will be getting a call from me again.Managestar

Diane Sawyer-

August 15, 2016

Mike Edic of Pioneer Travel is an awesome agent! Didn't want to bother him with our little road trip to California but he has been extremely helpful, got us some wonderful accommodations and car rental! Thank you again Mike!!



Jackie Helland reviewed Pioneer Travel — 5 star
August 10, 2016

Great experience! Mike at Pioneer Travel gave my fiance and I a perfect trip to San Francisco and Hawai'i in less than 6 weeks! I have recommended him to our family and look forward to working with him again for our next trip!

5 star

Brent Bouvat reviewed Pioneer Travel — 5 star

January 27, 2016

Pioneer Travel

Don Matthews-

“Mike has assisted me with travel planning for the past 12 years. He is a professional and very experienced in his field. Mike has bailed me out of jams more times than I can remember.”

April 19, 2013

 Andy Robertson-

“Mike @ Pioneer Travel takes the worry out of the constant changing world of travel in these uncertain times. Mike is very diligent with his approach, with recommendations that suit my needs, providing flexibility that is tailored to my travel plans. Mike is committed to more than “customer service” he thrives on building relationships that helps with understanding my scheduled traveling commitments”

April 18, 2013

Mike Steidl-

“I have always found Mike to be knowledgeable, well organized and always willing to go the extra mile to insure the satisfaction of his clients”

April 16, 2013

Don Draves-

“Mike is a great entrepreneur with a talent for running his own business. His client base continues to grow as a result of the professional and personal service he provides his clients.”

April 15, 2013

Dale Madsen-

“Detailed orientated manager, tickets and reservations were always correct. Made good suggestion to improve travel experience at competitive prices.”

April 15, 2013

Marc Messinger-

“Rarely Have a Met a man that is so personal and caring about what he does for a living. Mike is a GREAT person to have in your corner!”

April 15, 2013

Tim Peterson

“Pioneer Travel has been awesome to work with. Responsive, Personable and Accurate service. I would recommend Mike for all of your travel needs.:-

March 11, 2013

Ian Moore-

“Mike was always our go to guy. Our work took my Technicians all over the country and usually at short notice. Mike was always able to pull off the short notice, quick schedule changes with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency. I highly reccomend Mike.”

November 2, 2012

Tom Grudzielanek-

“Mike is a true professional who understands the true needs of his clients and is willing to do whatever is necessary/possible to make sure those needs are met. It’s a pleasure doing business with Mike and I sincerely appreciate all that he does.”

October 22, 2012

Ed Kirchner-

“Mike always goes the extra mile – he has been helpful, flexible and professional and most importantly – gets results and does so on time every time. I won’t work with any other agent and I’ve been traveling for over 30 years for business. Well done Mike!”

October 4, 2012

Tammi Iafrate-

“I am a last minute traveler and have called Mike at the last minute many of times. He has given me 110% and I would recommend him to anyone, especially us last minute travelers!!!”

September 13, 2012

Jana Iller

“Mike is very personable and a wonderful agent to work with for any travel needs, corporate, personal or putting together the details for pets. He finds the tricks of his craft and keeps value right up front! Highly recommended.
Jana Iller – SPX Transformer Solutions”

-September 11, 2012

Theodore Starck

“Mike is an excellent source of information with an unparalleled knowledge of the industry. I would work with and recommend Mike to anyone looking for either personal or business travel.”

-September 10, 2012

Bob Fair

“Mike is a professional travel agent who handles the majority of business travel as well as personal travel for my company Poclain Hydraulics. Mike is quick to respond and a pleasure to deal with.”

-September 9, 2012

Scott Kivimaki

“I’ve known Mike for several years as a player, coach, commissioner and teammate with the Milwaukee Men’s Fastpitch Softball League. Mike’s positive sportsmanship and team character mind set, has served him well throughout his business career.”

-September 8, 2012

Chad Frank

“I utilize Mike’s services a few times a week with my hectic travel schedule. He is always fast, courteous and thorough. I would recommend Mike for any business / personal travel. He always gets the job done!”

-August 29, 2012

Wendy Gipson

“Mike is passionate about being the best travel agent. He is personable with his clients and provides them top notch service. He treats each client as he would want to be treated — and is extremely knowledgeable in his field. I would highly recommend Mike to secure your travel needs any time — for business or pleasure!”

-August 9, 2012

Barbara Sundquist

“Mike is a hard working person. He would take time out of his busy schedule to meet with me and when I’ve sent emails, he replies immediately. He always puts his customers first and gives 110%.”

-July 12, 2012

Kyle Arndt

“Mike has provided flawless travel plan for me over the past 5-6 yrs. He is responsive, courteous and professional in arranging travel itineraries.”

-July 3, 2012

Don Quigley

“While employed by Poclain-Hydraulics, a global hydraulics company we were not able to provide Mike with much lead-time to research travel our options which also met company objectives for being cost effective and effective use of our travel time. Mike came through for us with flying colors consistently. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone needing an expert to set-up their individual or corporate travel needs.”

-June 25, 2012

Nick Packard

“Mike is a consummate professional in all areas of his work. He is always quick to respond and gives very detailed expert advice. I trust Mike completely and would give him control of my credit card at anytime to book the right trip. I have known Mike for many years and he is a joy to be around and just a nice person. He is a great guy to have in your corner and you would be lucky to work with him.”
-June 22, 2012

Dwight Williams

“I found Mike to be very easy and pleasant to work with. If our company had not made a corporate decision to use a different travel company I would still be working with Mike. His work was fast and efficient.”
-June 22, 2012

Debbie Malzewski

“I have been working with Mike for a number of years. He is quick to respond to our travel needs and provides professional as well as personal support during the process. I would certainly recommend him to anyone needing travel arrangements. His talent for making “you” feel like his most important client speaks highly of his character and working ethics. Thanks to Mike for making Poclain’s Travel planning so smooth!
Debbie Malzewski Administrative Assistant Poclain Hydraulics”
-June 22, 2012

Kristi Sparks

“I worked closely with Mike with assisting in extensive travel arrangement for top executives. I have moved companies however, still reach out to Mike for his professional experience and manner. I would recommend anyone needing quality high level travel or personnel arrangements contact Mike.”
-June 22, 2012

Dennis Kueffler

“Mike has always set the bar high in the travel industry to follow. Mike had handled all my business and personal travels for the past 15 years with complete professionalism. Also if their was a true savings, he would find it for us. It was clear that Mike knew his industry and markets well and much better than most. I strongly recommend Mike and his services to everyone!! Business or Pleasure, Mike is the best.”
-June 22, 2012

Mark Hansen

“Mike has become part of our family here at the Staybridge Suites. He is personable and friendly to all of our staff and works well with all. Besides being timely, professional and hard working, Mike has not forgotten that the personal touch goes a long way. We will continue to work with Mike and look forward to his growth in whatever endeavor or industry he chooses to excel at.”
-June 22, 2012

Brian Ripp

“Mike’s creativity and personable demeanor is great to work with. He provides me travel options that help me save time and money. I highly recommend Pioneer Travel!”
-June 22, 2012

Guillaume Bataille
“Mike was always very professional to deal with difficult travel schedules…”
-June 22, 2012

Jodie Baacke
“Mike consistently amazes me with his outstanding customer service. He is extremely professional and is very knowledgeable. A great asset to our company.”
-November 14, 2011

Scott Betzen
“Our sales team’s travel budget is significant. Mike is an expert at helping us, in a friendly and efficient way; to maximize it. I would recommend his expertise to anyone who wants a great business travel experience!”
-May 27, 2011

Don Matthews

“Mike has assisted me with travel planning for the past 12 years. He is a professional and very experienced in his field. Mike has bailed me out of jams more times than I can remember.”

-May 15, 2011

Max Burgdorf

“Mike is a customer first class act. He’s a hard worker who is very detail orientated.”
-May 12, 2011

Geoff Greeley

“Mike has always done a great job for us as regards our travel needs. He is efficient and delivers on time. It is a pleasure to work with him.”
-May 12, 2011

 Chuck Kern

“I have worked with Mike for the past 7 years. Our company often presented Mike with complex International travel requirements. Mike was always able to find solutions that met our needs at a value price. Always prompt and professional”  -May 10, 2011

Cyndy Saunders

“Mike is extremely customer focused. He is committed to providing the highest level of service to all of his travelers. He is attentive to individual needs, while maintaining the corporate travel policy. Mike is an asset to a corporate travel program, reliable, dedicated, and focused on the important details required by his customers.”
-May 10, 2011

Brian Hawes

“Mike is a consummate professional offering sub service and out of the box thinking His approach is personal yet totally professional making the travel experience one of ease knowing he has taken care of you and your requirements.”
-May 9, 2011

Karen O’leske

“Mike is knowledgeable on all aspects of travel and the changing landscape the industry is currently experiencing. As a result, he is able to provide viable alternatives for travelers who are experiencing weather delays, canceled flights, etc. The knowledge I personally gained about the travel business working with Mike is immeasurable. I have been able to come up with workaround options when confronted with last minute international and/or domestic travel roadblocks. We have been faced with many travel challenges, both corporate and personal, and Mike has always been able to successfully deliver.”

-May 9, 2011

Sharon Edic

“Where do I start? I’ve know Mike for several years and seeing Mike’s true passion for what he does and his dedication to customer service is an inspiration. He knows the importance of treating his clients as an individual, getting to know YOU as a person with specific needs and requirements. He takes pride in providing quality service and goes above and beyond to ensure that his customers are completely satisfied and taken care of. Mike’s vast knowledge of the travel industry along with his years of experience prove to be a huge asset to everyone he works with. I’ve traveled with him many times and each trip has been extremely well planned and organized, providing a stress free, relaxing travel experience.”

-May 9, 2011

Dirk Daniels

“Mike has scheduled several trips for me. He’s always been quick yet flexible with options for travel. Mike is a great resource.”

-May 9, 2011

Jeff Feller

“I have worked with Michael for roughly the past 11 -12 years and have nothing but praise for Michael. I have watched the companies he has worked for be bought out, policies changed and programs disbanded, but the one thing that has never changed is Michael Edic. Travel is a main component to my business and I can’t say enough about his attention to detail and the personable approach to the way he conducts business. I believe people want to be treated like a person and not a contract and that is what you get when you deal with the most professional, personable travel agent one could ever work with.”
-May 9, 2011

Melody Maki

“ I have worked with Mike for several years and know him to a consummate  professional. His knowledge of his client’s needs is amazing, and his professional manner of accommodating those needs is impressive. He is an absolute pleasure to work with! “

-June 3, 2009

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