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When I was a child, my parents would host travelers from around the world in our home. People from Brazil, England, Canada, and Afghanistan would make regular appearances.

Wherever they were from, I was entranced by their stories of faraway lands and exotic cultures.

Growing up, I would read the journals of family members who traveled the world. I had a constant yearning for adventure, and once I completed my Masters in International Business, I went on endless international vacations! I have spent summers in London, cruised around the Caribbean,and have explored the beauty of New Zealand. I love joining cultural tours and programs, and I’m fascinated with the world's cultures and customs.

Over four years ago, I decided to join the travel industry and help make
dreams come true! I want all of my clients to connect with the world and
have unforgettable vacations! I have certifications with Princess, Disney,
and Crystal Cruises. I also have experience with a number of destinations

- New Zealand
- Brazil
- Spain
- Caribbean Islands
- Alaska
- Mexico

I know how to book exciting and personalized tours for a wide range of
people. I have booked solo tours, multi-generational family vacations, and
events for large groups.

I’m known for my attention to detail, and I will help you get the most out
of your experience. I will prepare everything necessary for your trip while
also offering great tours and activities that cater to your interests.I
also want you to be completely relaxed before your trip. I understand that
traveling is a big event, but I will help you at all times so you’re
comfortable and excited for your next adventure!

Cruising is my favorite method of travel since it allows you to see so much
at a relaxing pace. Plus, you have endless activities on the cruise to
enjoy along with the incredible views! I have hiked in the Brazilian
rain forest and trekked across New Zealand’s amazing landscape, and I’m
always looking for the next adventure! The world is worth exploring, and
I’m ready to be your guide!

Contact me today to begin booking!
My name is Jennifer Edic and I am a Disney Specialist. Growing up with a father who worked in the travel industry, we visited the Disney parks many times and I fell in love with them. Like I told my father, it's been 27 years in the making of me being a Disney Specialist!

I graduated from UW-Milwaukee with an Educational Degree, and did some elementary school teaching, but after doing some teaching, I decided I wanted to pursue my love of Disney and sell packages that I have enjoyed so much over the years.

I realized that I loved to help plan Disney vacations for clients so they can share the excitement and joy that I experience every time I visit a Disney park. They are ever changing and always introducing something new, so each time I visit, I'm excited to check out the new rides and new exhibits.

I would love to help assist you with your next Disney adventure, as well as your Universal Studios park visit! I'm certified with both of them!"
Growing up in sunny Southern California exposed me to great beaches, vast cities, and awesome weather. It’s only natural that I gravitated towards the Caribbean as well!

I began traveling to Costa Rica regularly and enjoyed zip-lining, hiking in the rainforest, and visiting historic coffee plantations. I love this country so much that I even want to retire there! As my own vacations grew more complex, I realized that I enjoyed planning almost as much as arriving! I decided to leave my previous job and jump right into the travel industry, and I couldn’t be happier!

I now specialize in exciting vacations that mix leisure and adventure in numerous destinations. I want my clients to truly understand the culture of their destination while also enjoying the best it has to offer. I prepare unique experiences based on my client’s interests, and I create an itinerary that is guaranteed to be memorable.

Every vacation is unique, and I will work with you to create a personalized trip that’s beyond compare! As your travel agent, I will:

Simplify the booking process
Ease any worries you have before departure
Maximize your time and enjoyment
Create an itinerary tailored to you
Be available 24/7
And more!
I recently booked the first Orange County Catholic Cruise for a charity organization, and I hope to continue booking for charity groups around the world. Knowing that I helped make this important trip possible means the world to me, and I want to make a difference in all of my client’s lives by providing the perfect vacation!

I try to live life without stress, and I will bring the same philosophy to your vacation. I will prepare you for your trip so you arrive without any concerns or worries. I will also be available around the clock so you always get the assistance you need.

I want to make your next vacation the best it can be. Call me today to start booking!
Every traveler has different needs and expectations, and my goal is to accommodate everyone during their travels around the world. I have nearly 30 years of experience in the travel industry working with a wide range of clients from corporate to leisure and more.

Even with the advent on online booking, nothing compares to personalized customer service where you get what you want the moment you ask for it. I’m proud to offer individualized professional services in real-time, and I can quickly book your trip according to your exact specifications.

I initially worked with hotels, car rental agencies, and airlines before becoming a corporate travel agent. I eventually expanded into personal and leisure bookings, and I opened Pioneer Travel in 2012 where I continue to provide a wide range of professional services.

I know the intricacies of the industry and can save you the time and hassle of dealing with airlines and hotels yourself. I’ve read the fine print, and I will always get you the best accommodations for your needs. I will extensively research your destination and prepare you for everything before departure. Plus, I’m always available to provide a quick answer or assistance at any time. Some of my recent bookings include trips to:

-Punta Cana
-Costa Rica

One of my corporate clients lived in the Philippines for a year and would travel extensively almost every day. I simplified their schedule and did everything to make their daily travels pleasant and stress-free. I provide the same attention to detail to all vacations whether it’s a family cruise in the Caribbean or a honeymoon in Europe. All vacations deserve to be perfect, and I will use my expertise to make your trip truly exceptional.

Talk with me today to get unparalleled customer service and an unforgettable vacation!

When I'm not playing Super Agent, I donate my time by officiating Special Olympics softball and basketball, assisting in putting trips together for the Eternal Wish Foundation, as well as collecting pop tabs and hotel toiletries for the Ronald McDonald House of Eastern Wisconsin. I recently assisted the Wisconsin Special Olympics athletes on going to Seattle, WA for their National USA Games in June 2018.

I believe in giving back to the community and doing what I can to make others feel wanted and appreciated. Being a local business owner, I understand how important it is to give back to your community. In 2018, I was a judge for the Ms. Saint Francis beauty pageant!

I am also a licensed official for the WIAA (Wisconsin) in softball, basketball and Friday night football, as well as youth football on Saturdays and during the week.

I love history and try to get back to Washington, DC and Gettysburg every chance I get.