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My name is Jennifer Edic and I am a Disney Specialist. Growing up with a father who worked in the travel industry, we visited the Disney parks many times and I fell in love with them. Like I told my father, it's been 27 years in the making of me being a Disney Specialist!

I graduated from UW-Milwaukee with an Educational Degree, and did some elementary school teaching, but after doing some teaching, I decided I wanted to pursue my love of Disney and sell packages that I have enjoyed so much over the years.

I realized that I loved to help plan Disney vacations for clients so they can share the excitement and joy that I experience every time I visit a Disney park. They are ever changing and always introducing something new, so each time I visit, I'm excited to check out the new rides and new exhibits.

I would love to help assist you with your next Disney adventure, as well as your Universal Studios park visit! I'm certified with both of them!"