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Growing up in sunny Southern California exposed me to great beaches, vast cities, and awesome weather. It’s only natural that I gravitated towards the Caribbean as well!

I began traveling to Costa Rica regularly and enjoyed zip-lining, hiking in the rainforest, and visiting historic coffee plantations. I love this country so much that I even want to retire there! As my own vacations grew more complex, I realized that I enjoyed planning almost as much as arriving! I decided to leave my previous job and jump right into the travel industry, and I couldn’t be happier!

I now specialize in exciting vacations that mix leisure and adventure in numerous destinations. I want my clients to truly understand the culture of their destination while also enjoying the best it has to offer. I prepare unique experiences based on my client’s interests, and I create an itinerary that is guaranteed to be memorable.

Every vacation is unique, and I will work with you to create a personalized trip that’s beyond compare! As your travel agent, I will:

Simplify the booking process
Ease any worries you have before departure
Maximize your time and enjoyment
Create an itinerary tailored to you
Be available 24/7
And more!
I recently booked the first Orange County Catholic Cruise for a charity organization, and I hope to continue booking for charity groups around the world. Knowing that I helped make this important trip possible means the world to me, and I want to make a difference in all of my client’s lives by providing the perfect vacation!

I try to live life without stress, and I will bring the same philosophy to your vacation. I will prepare you for your trip so you arrive without any concerns or worries. I will also be available around the clock so you always get the assistance you need.

I want to make your next vacation the best it can be. Call me today to start booking!