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I have been in the travel business for 7 years.

My favorite places are Hawaii, Alaska, Caribbean , Paris, Venice.

I have been to Hawaii 6 times . I know where all the hot spots are on each island.

Maui is my favorite. Love the road to Hana, and hiking the volcano.

Paris is another favorite exploring the Cathedral, going up the tower.

Venice was amazing exploring all the streets and canals. The Gondola ride down the Canals at night was incredible.

Alaska is such a beautiful place . Clean air, wild animals. The bald eagles are everywhere . Prince Ruppert is my favorite spot to watch the bald eagles. We took a crabbing tour. The captain of the boat threw out crab meet . This one bald eagle was sitting in the tree and swooped down to get the crab meet. He went back to the tree and made that call to the other eagles. We had about 25 to 30 bald eagles flying all around us. It was just so much fun. I have a lot of great pictures of them, so just ask me to see them! I was in heaven and we had such a great trip.

I enjoy helping my clients have an unforgettably vacation of a lifetime.

I enjoy telling my clients about different thing they can do at each destination they are going to.