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Father/Daughter working together for Pioneer travel


What makes up a community?

Have you ever taken a step back and thought about what makes the community you live in so wonderful?   Why is your community so much better than another?  Shops?  Housing?  Neighbors?  Access to businesses?  What about the people who live in it?....Read More


our vacation is booked.... now what?

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Is Mexico Safe For Travel?

I’m sure many of you have either heard or seen reports of all the dangers happening in Mexico.  The shootings on a public beach, the spiked drinks at the resorts, the muggings and I’m sure it’s scared you into NOT wanting to go to Mexico for a vacation....Read More

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Your "One Stop Shop" for all your travel needs


Our CORPORATE, LEISURE/VACATION and GROUP TRAVEL consultants are here to meet all of your travel needs.

Whether you are traveling for business, looking for a vacation, a cruise or excited about a honeymoon, PIONEER TRAVEL will bring the full service experience directly to you.  We have an A+ rating with the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau for a reason!

PIONEER TRAVEL is like many other travel agencies that have gotten rid of the "brick and mortar" philosophy, saving the money from rent and other expenses to pass on the savings to our clients directly.   We are able to offer lower service fees because we operate out of our homes, and focus on customer service, not advertising in our windows.

PIONEER TRAVEL is VERY involved in the local communities and giving back to different local organizations. 

Each year, we participate in the Ronald McDonald House's "Tab Toss", asking our clients to save their soda tabs and we will gladly come pick them up from you before the annual "Tab Toss Day".   We also collect unused hotel toiletries when you travel and don't use the shampoos and conditioners that hotels leave for you.   We donate those items to the Ronald McDonald House of Eastern Wisconsin to assist those families that have to live there for weeks at a time for their ill children.  At Christmas time, we donate toys for the families that have to spend Christmas at the Ronald McDonald House of Eastern Wisconsin, away from home, away from family and friends.   We try to make their lives a little more "normal" for the holidays.  When the Girl Scouts are selling their cookies, we will buy some cases and donate those as well, so the families will have some treats waiting for them.

Pioneer Travel is also involved in helping wishes come true, and donates their time and efforts to help make Eternal Wish a success.  Eternal Wish is an organization that helps terminally ill adults fulfill their wishes and their dreams to help make them come true.  We have assisted in sending a woman who had never been out of Wisconsin, to Disney World to meet Mickey, a Hawaiian vacation, as well as one person who wanted to watch a Dallas Cowboys game in person.   With thanks to our partners at Carnival Cruise Lines, we were able to get them in a suite to watch part of the game.

Mike Edic also donates his time to officiate Special Olympics softball and basketball in Wisconsin, including regional and state championships.  This past summer 2018, Mike helped send 75 athletes, coaches and support staff to Seattle for the Special Olympic USA Games!!   Many athletes coming home with medals for their efforts!

We're not "just another travel agency", we are the agency that believes in people, and giving back to the community.  We treat our clients like our family.  

The internet can give you ideas, but PIONEER TRAVEL can usually match what you find on the internet, and this allows us to give back to the local communities.